My Approach

My approach to therapy recognizes the inherent competencies of individuals and families and is respectful, engaged and compassionate. We will work collaboratively to gain a sense of mastery over what you may be struggling with and what is causing you difficulty. I operate from the assumption that you are resilient, have unique strengths and wisdom, and the capacity to choose how you want to respond to your experiences and the world around you. In our work, I hope to help foster your intellectual and emotional curiosity so that you achieve a greater self awareness and develop a better understanding about behaviors and thoughts that facilitate personal growth and enhance your life satisfaction.


Why I Do What I Do

I feel most fortunate to work in a profession that brings such personal satisfaction and life enrichment.  Working so intimately with others has given me to the opportunity to see the best in people, often during very difficult times.  It is a privilege to be trusted with peoples' stories, thoughts and experiences and it constantly reinforces my faith in people's grace, wisdom and capacity for change.