• mbgarvey

Good Enough is Good Enough Right Now

Just a gentle reminder: This pandemic, and all of its fall out, is not about how strong you are. Or how put together you can be. You do not have to be using this period to learn a new language, feng shui your home, or train for a marathon. You don’t need to be developing a new skill set, evolving, or facilitating your personal growth. While the world is grappling with an insidious disease that has disrupted most aspects of life as we know it, it is okay to just be.

Most of us are tired and struggling. Yet over and over, with every stay at home period or quarantine, I hear people saying they should be doing more during this time. They should be more productive. They should be accomplishing something. There is this idea that we should use all this extra time to better ourselves somehow. Which is excellent, if you currently have the bandwidth for it, and you can access that energy. But it is okay if you don’t. Or you can’t.

The happiest and most successful amongst us, now as always, are those who have the ability to fully engage in the challenges at hand, but also to strategically disengage to seek renewal. We do our best when we are mindful about both expending energy and renewing energy. It is not about managing time, but managing energy. There is a lot that compromises our energy right now. (And I'm not really sure that we have more time either. It just seems disrupted and fragmented to me.) Grief, anxiety and unpredictability are tapping into our energy reserves and most folks are feeling it. Because of this, it is a curious thing to expect from ourselves the motivation and ability to be better versions of ourselves than we were when life looked normal.

Good enough is good enough right now. And it is okay, even healthy, to take more time to reset and recover. Its not frivolous and it’s not under-functioning. You don’t have to keep pushing, growing, and transcending in this moment. You will have plenty of time for this, and many opportunities for personal growth experiences, down the road. It may be helpful to focus instead on all the little things you’re getting right and just be for now.

It’s enough.

Bromley is crushing the "just being" vibe. He's not dogging it, he is refueling. Good boy!